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Keith Kohler

Why I’m Passionate About The Numbers

From years of work spanning corporate America to my family business, I’ve gone through the struggles large and small businesses experience as they work to grow. It wasn’t until I went through a personal health journey that I found what really lights me up: empowering entrepreneurs to improve their finance mindset, motivation, and mechanics.

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005, I had the opportunity to negotiate financing for companies producing gluten-free products. After discovering that financing and supply chain were the biggest obstacles to their growth, I realized that helping businesses achieve their financial goals wasn’t just about getting them money. It was about giving the customers who rely on their products and services the best possible experience. Because I was one of those customers, finance became deeply personal to me.

Later work taught me how intimidating the financing process can be to business owners when barriers such as language or education or background are involved. By putting my finance expertise and multilingual skills to work, I found passion in helping my clients in a deeply meaningful way, whether in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

After spending years refining expertise, developing years establishing relationships with major companies, and negotiating all varieties of financing deals, I navigated the pandemic as a service provider just like so many others. In early 2021, it was clear the time was right to design a new business that would offer finance support, guidance and resources directly to entrepreneurs on a wider scale.

Hence the birth of Financing Man.